Slate Tiles

Slate is a fine-grained, metamorphic rock composed of clay or volcanic ash. The robust nature of slate tiles may be traced to its harsh beginning, formed under tremendous pressure and heat deep in the earth.


Our Slate tiles are noted for offering:-


  • Great Looks – an attractive color spectrum
  • Versatility – for indoor and outdoor use
  • Practicality and Safety – slip-resistant surfaces for a level of safety for your space
  • Durability and Long-life – resistant to wear that enables them to last


Ideals for : Walls, Kitchen, Outdoor and Flooring tiles

Slate tiles for floors and exterior wall surfaces are designed to make a positive impression for the long term.


slate tiles



Physical Properties of Slate 


Physically these are Metamorphic-Argillaceous rocks. They are normally fine to medium grained, moderately hard & compact, less homogeneous with varying textures & shades.


Hardness 3.0 to 4.0 on Moh’s scale
Density 2.6 to 2.8 Kg/cm3
Modulus of Rupture 22 to 34 N/mm2
Compressive Strength 24 to 36 N/mm2
Specific Gravity 2.65 to 2.80
Porosity Low to very low
Water Absorption 1.5 to 2%
Weather Impact Resistant
Corrodibility 0.4 to 0.7%










slate tiles 2
















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