Kitchen Wall Tiles

The Importance of Kitchen Wall Tiles


Whilst they are an essential piece of kitchen kit – used to protect walls from cooking splashes and water damage. Kitchen wall tiles can also help determine the overall look of the room, whether contemporary or traditional. For kitchen wall tiles, we highly recommend Marble or Granite materials for many reasons. Beauty, versatility and durability are the factors that describe these stone tiles. Their hardness prevent moist or spills from entering the surface, an as a result, it inhibits growth of germs.


Choosing the Right Tile Colours 


The colours of the tiles that you use in your kitchen is pretty much up to you but be aware that the tiles will have a huge influence on the colour scheme of your kitchen as a whole. You may be tempted to go for bright cheerful colours but unless you want to be cleaning your tiles all the time, you may prefer to go for colours that can hide marks and dirt until you can clean them.

The natural coloration, veins and patterns of the marble and granite stones exhibit these kitchen walls to look more elegant, attractive and class as compared to dull and boring ceramic tiles.


kitchen wall tiles 1


Get the Tile Size Right 


Another part of getting the best tiles for your kitchen is making sure that they are the right size. Tiles are available in many sizes from small mosaic tiles to large format tiles. Larger tiles will make a room look bigger while smaller tiles are excellent if you want to create intricate patterns or create visual interests.

Larger tiles are great for the floor as they provide cleaner lines and are easier to lay while smaller tiles are excellent for intricate splashbacks or even for benchtops.



kitchen wall tiles 2




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