Granite Table Top

The most popular natural stone table top material, granite is what most homeowners turn to when it’s time to upgrade. The sharpest knives won’t scratch it, and a bubbling pot won’t mar it. Granite is available in hundreds of colors, both bold and mutes, including shades of black, green, white, blue, yellow, tan and etc. Patterns are dotted, veined, speckled and more. Every piece possesses its own mineral makeup, meaning each tabletop is a unique work of art.


Finishes for Granite Table Top


  • Polished. It’s the least porous finish option, which is great for spills. This smooth, reflective surface draws out the color and texture for a richer look. Polished is the most popular due to the ease of cleaning.
  • Leather. This finish, created when fabricators move diamond-tipped brushes across the surface, conveys the look and feel of textured leather. Like a polished surface, it is less porous and highlights the color.
  • Honed. While still smooth, this finish is not reflective and shiny. It does not bring out the color as much, and it does cut down on glare and mask imperfections.


The Bottom Line. Granite imparts a timeless beauty, a high end look ideal for traditional, classic and even modern spaces. Smooth and cool to every touch, it is popular choice among many households.


Granite Table Top

granite table top 2




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