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Difference in term of Upkeep of Caesarstone and Granite


Caesarstone is made of quartz, which is very dense and porous material: much more so than granite. For this reason, a Caesarstone kitchen countertop does not require any type of sealant applied to it. On the other hand, granite will need to be sealed once you have it installed and then you’ll have to re-seal it on a yearly basis. Thus, it is lower maintenance cost, good news for buyers!

If you forget to apply the annual sealing, you will be putting your countertop at risk. It won’t be able to resist spills as easily and will start to absorb liquids as the sealant continues to wear away.


Difference in term of Color and Texture of Caesarstone and Granite


Both of these materials look great in any style of kitchen and are available in a variety of patterns, colors, and textures. Granite, however is limited to the colors and style that nature has produced while quartz is colored artificially throughout the countertop creating a unique and custom look.

Some people prefers the uniformity in the quartz over the natural look of granite, while some people prefer the natural look of granite.


Similarities of Caesarstone and Granite


  • When cared for properly, both types of countertops virtually last a lifetime.
  • Both are heat, scratch and dent resistant.
  • Both are made from natural stone.
  • Both require the same type of installation.
  • Caesarstone and granite are hard materials, with caesarstone being slightly harder and heavier.



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