Bathroom Wall Tiles

When renovating your bathroom, your choice of bathroom wall tiles is going to make or break your design. If you think outside the box and consider other options in bathroom wall tiles, you can get stunning results that will make your bathroom more than just pleasing: it will be outstanding.


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Your Bathroom Colour Scheme 


Your bathroom wall tiles are going to cover a significant amount of space, so choosing the right tile colour is going to make all the difference to your final results. Begin by selecting your colour scheme of your bathroom first, then only select your bathroom wall tiles. Lastly, you select the paint for your walls. It is far easier to find a paint colour to complement your tile colours than the other way round.

Pick a colour that blends well with the bathroom floor tiles and bathroom vanity tops.


Bathroom Tile Patterns


For many years, it seemed like every bathroom wall had only perpendicular rows of square tiles, perhaps broken up by a final row of rectangular border tiles. If you want a monochrome bathroom wall, but don’t want it to look boring, consider laying lower rows of tiles perpendicular to the floor, topped off by an “on edge” diamond pattern. This also works great if you choose one solid colour tile for the straight tiles and a complementary colour for the diamond patterned border tiles.


Besides you can take your pattern even more creative by selecting different sizes of tiles. For an even more dramatic effect, choose different colours for different tile rows.


When designing your bathroom wall tiles, you are really only limited by your imagination. Our professional consultant can advise you further on some latest trends.



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