Bathroom Floor Tiles

For homeowners who prefer to let nature drive their designs, stone is the way to go. It is usually more expensive flooring choice, but natural stone tile transforms an ordinary bathroom into a luxurious getaway. Stone tile gains rich character over time and lasts for decades. The surface can be cold and slippery, but radiant in-floor heat and slip-minimizing finished can help solve these concerns.


Types of Stone Tile



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Considerations When Choosing Bathroom Flooring Tiles



Surface textures and finishes will vary depending on which types of stone tiles you select. In general, polished finishes appear sleeker but can be slippery underfoot.  A matte or honed finish offers more traction, while a tumbled finish offers an antique appearance that also helps prevent slipping. Stone floor tiles normally blends well with the bathroom wall tiles designs.



As with any natural material, color lots will vary. If you decide on stone, purchase extra tiles for future repairs and for extras during the installation. If you buy the same type of tile later on, it may not match. Dark color stone shades is gaining popularity as well. It gives your bathroom a stylish look with mysterious feel. By choosing floor tiles colors and design that contrast with the bathroom vanity tops, bathtub or Jacuzzi will create a depth in bathroom, thus looks more luxury.


Cleaning Factor

Stone tile is moderately easy to clean. Don’t use steel wool or scouring pads on it because you’ll scratch it. Reseal as necessary to keep it stain and water resistant.



Stone tile needs to be installed on a flat, smooth, and rigid subfloor. A concrete slab, cement-based backer board, underlayment-grade plywood and existing tile all work. Note that some types of stone absorb water, special care must be taken to prevent this.


Bathroom is a good place to use Marble or Granite Flooring because of its resistant to the high levels of heat, moisture and humidity. Besides, stone tiles generates a feeling of style, modernity and cleanliness to your bathroom.


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